Grants Management and Monitoring System


EGREG is an IT solution designed to ensure easy and proper management of EU funded grants by providing key players with a complete set of easy-to-use functions eliminating the administrative burden.

It is designed to ensure:

  • Visibility of grants projects
  • Availability of an efficient communication platform
  • Usage of standard templates for reports and requests
  • Usage of standard and/or simplified templates for procurement procedures
  • Providing the beneficiaries and the CA with early warnings about potential problems
  • Providing the CA with necessary tools to monitor several different projects without delays
  • Increasing the efficiency of processes for handling beneficiaries requests
  • Applying correct financial rules
  • Easy and quick access to projects documents and deliverables

With EGREG the Contracting Authority increases the efficiency of grants management and monitoring through

  • Simple financial management with real-time cost tracking.
  • Clear and comprehensive view of implementation status (Technical and Financial) of each grant project in one screen.
  • Easy and quick access to documents and reports produced by grants' beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries can forget the complicated rules

  • All project costs are registered in a simple and effective way.
  • Complicated financial reports automatically generated in one click with PRAG templates formats.
  • Requests correctly prepared and submitted.
  • Narrative reports delivered in time.


EGREG is available in two options:

The standard full application that connects the Contracting Authority with all Grants Beneficiaries. The contracting authority is represented by several roles (the Imprest Administrator, the Imprest Accounting Officer and an Administrative Assistant), while the beneficiary is represented by the Coordinator (or the Lead Applicant) and his partners (or co-applicants).

To ensure the visibility of the grant scheme programme, a section with a summary of each grant action can be made available for the public (this section can be customised according to the specific requirements of each programme).


Groups of users can be extended to include additional roles (like an EC monitor, Technical Mentor...etc) or to eliminate some roles; in addition, functions granted to each group of users can be modified.

The Beneficiary application (EGREG-B) that connects the beneficiary with his partners. This application provides a ready-to-go-online web site where the beneficiary can disseminate information about his grant action (News, Events & Publications). This version is suitable for the Direct Agreement Grant


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