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Technical Background

EGREG is a web-based application built on open source platform with no licensing costs for the underlying systems; it can be accessed through widely available web browsers where no installations are needed.

EGREG is designed with a multi-layer structure:

  • A database with all projects data well structured, organised, stored and secured;
  • A business layer implementing the rules and processes; and
  • A simple easy-to-use graphical user interface protecting the user from hazardous errors by minimising the amount of data to enter, where most data entry is done through drop-down lists and menus.

Possible Extensions

A Proposals Management System can be installed together with EGREG to cover the activities of proposals evaluation and contractual phases in accordance with the published Guidelines.

The Proposal Management System is developed using the same technologies and techniques as EGREG. It is a tool allowing the Contracting Authority performing the e-submission, proposals assessment, selection and contracts registration online.

If installed together, data entered through the Proposal Management System (like the Fact Sheet and the Contractual Documents) is automatically transferred to EGREG database (for awarded grants) and accounts are automatically created for contracted applicants.


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Most aspects of the system are subject to changes and customisations according to the specific needs of each programme and the requirements of the Contracting Authority, this includes:

  • Design and contents of public home page.
  • Groups of users and functions granted to each group.
  • Files naming conventions and other terminology
  • Formats and styles of requests and reports.
  • Process workflows.
  • Additional reports and statistics.

Complementary Services

  • Training: Hands-on training or webinars can be organised.
  • Web hosting and maintenance: a technical team can be made available to resolve and track technical issues so the CA does not need to hire or allocate any technical staff.
  • Remote assistance: Users (from all groups) are provided with the facility to submit their enquiries, both technical and administrative, through the system to a backstopping team ready to answer their questions.

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