A lot of facilities for the Contracting Authority



The Contracting Authority can increase the efficiency of grants management and monitoring:

  • Monitoring grants projects is much easier with easy access to all projects requests and deliverables.
  • Clear and comprehensive view of implementation status of each grant project is available in one screen.
  • Problems kept under control through an early warning system tracking eligible costs in real time.
  • Processes for handling beneficiaries requests are shorter and quicker.
  • Electronic copies of all official documents are archived and organised by type and by project.

Managing several projects is much easier through a single screen giving easy and quick access to reports, documents and requests produced and submitted by grants' beneficiaries.

Grants projects are organized by schemes; Information related to any project can be easily accessed through direct browsing or by the use of the advanced search utility.


All information, reports, documents and deliverables of any project in one single screen.

Contractual documents, project summary, action plan and expected deliverables, budget, payment records, narrative reports, financial reports, use of contingencies, reallocations and addendums related to a specific project are organized and accessible, with the uploaded documents, through a single screen.


Real-time tracking through automatically generated alerts

Automatically generated alerts allows the Contracting Authority an early detecting of problems so corrective actions and measures can be timely made.


Process requests submitted by beneficiaries online

Whenever a request is submitted by a beneficiary, EGREG immediately informs the Contracting Authority to allow for quicker processing.


Documents Management with EGREG

As paper based documents are requested by the rules, EGREG provides techniques for producing and keeping the documents in secured places.

Requests that can be prepared through the system (like: a request to use contingencies reserve, request to update the action plan, a request for addendum) and reports generated (like financial reports) can be exported to MS-Excel worksheets that can be then handled as external files to be formatted and/or printed according to the needs of the beneficiary.

These documents, together with other project related documents, can be uploaded again to the system repository, so an archive of all documents is kept secure on the server. For example, a request to use contingencies reserve prepared through EGREG, can be exported to an MS-Excel sheet that the beneficiary may print, sign and send in paper-form to the Contracting Authority where a scanned copy of the signed request is uploaded into the system.

From the other side, written approvals prepared by the Contracting Authority may also be uploaded to the system file repository.


All these documents are named according to a specific naming convention facilitating their archiving and retrieval.

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